White Sage Soap with Shea Butter and French Green Clay Soap



I created this special soap for my husband, Hank, who spent many years in the Dakotas and developed a deep love for the landscape, plants and topography of the region. Ground white sage, common to the Dakota region, adds color and a bit of texture to the soap while organic cedar and sage essential oils provide an uplifting scent to warm your heart and soul. Shea butter gives this soap a rich, luxurious, deeply nourishing quality. A thin layer of activated charcoal, which has many benefits for our skin, provides a striking appearance and a bit of artistry to this soap. French green clay provides a deep clean and is beneficial for those with oily skin. Organic sage, ylang ylang III, and bergamot essential oils add to the inspiring and grounding essence of this special soap.  $7/bar.


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