Bringing home the sheep

We got the big flock home yesterday, with the help of Scott and Renae and our neighbor, Steve. Hank and I have been talking about trying to walk them up the road instead of loading them twenty at a time into the small stock trailer and making the bumpy trek that way. That takes the better part of the morning, if we’re lucky, and can be pretty physically and mentally exhausting. The sheep are so good at coming to us for any kind of food, so we thought we’d bring a bucket and hope for the best. We chose early Sunday morning when traffic is slim to none, set the reinforcers at their posts, and called the sheep. We’d envisioned that Hank would lead them with the tractor but they got a bit distracted and so I started shaking the bucket and calling, and they followed! Took us two passes – turns out a huge half of the group had been hiding out past the pond when we first called them. Second run went just as well as the first, and Biscuit, the sole guardian of the flock, was amazing. Led the way, and went straight into the corral, past geese and chickens and what have you. He’s a keeper, for sure. Anyway, good to have everyone home again.

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